Harry Potter House!


I’m not going to lie. I’m a HUGE  harry potter fan. I’ve read all 9 books (that’s right 9, the original 7, the tales of Beedle the Bard, and the Cursed Child) 15 times each, except for the Deathly Hallows. I’ve read that one 18 times. I’ve watched all the movies,and even had a Harry Potter Marathon with my family on Harry Potter’s Birthday ( can you believe Harry Potter would be 36 this year? Wow!). I have always related to Ravenclaw house, what with my absolute obsession with books. I have taken several different quizzes online, all said I was Ravenclaw. Today I took the Pottermore test.

The Results where, drum role please…… Hufflepuff?! What! I’m so dramatic, and Hufflepuffs are supposed to be chill! I’m not going to lie, I did make a little bit of fun of the Hufflepuff house, for not having a lot of house points, and for not being great at Quidditch. I din’t make as much fun of them as other people did, I always did have a soft spot for Tonks, I even named my cat after her.Well, technically I name her Nynphadora.


Still! Hufflepuff! As I look at my all around traits, I suppose it might make sense. I love my friends and family immensely, and would be extremely loyal to them. I am generaly kind to people. I almost always have a smile on my face. I love helping people out. I generaly put other people before myself ( but I believe that is more so I have a reason to be dramatic).

But then again, I am SOOOOO DRAMATIC!!! I don’t like getting dirty. I love reading. I can be reckless (although, on the other hand, I like having a plan). I can be downright mean if I want to. I could easily play the role of a Disney villain.

Altogether I have more Hufflepuff traits than non Hufflepuff traits, but it did come as a surprise.

It could diffidently be worse. I could be sorted into Gryffindor ( no offense to any Gryffindor’s out there, I’m just not one of you).

There are good things about Hufflepuff though:

Common room right next to the Kitchen, Yay food!

Cozy, warm common room.

Badger symbol ,badgers are cool, super fast diggers, super mean when they want to be, eat honey.

Hufflepuffs are hard workers. Even the Sorting Hat song goes: “For Hufflepuff, hard workers where most worthy of admission,”

All the Hufflepuffs stayed to fight instead of hiding during the battle of Hogwarts

Hufflepuff had Cedric!

Hufflepuff also had Tonks!

Hufflepuff has a cool ghost, not creepy like the bloody baron, not whiny like nearly headless nick, not dramatic like the grey lady, just happy and chill.

The Fewest dark wizard turnout.

A Hufflepuff founded Hogsmeade!

Hufflepuffs take in anyone who is rejected by the other Houses. While the other founders only took in those they wanted.

Alright! I admit it! I’m proud to be a Hufflepuff!




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