Homemade Ursula Costume


Hello everyone! I know this is really late, but a TON of stuff has happened. Anyway, for Halloween 2016 I was Ursula the sea witch. There where a ton of online tutorials, but none of them I liked/could do. So I decided to make my own. I only had a $20 dollar budget, but I made it work, or close enough. It took me 4 days, but you could do it in less, I just didn’t feel like doing it all at once.

First I made the dress. I just wend to Michaels and bought three yards of black fabric, it was on sale for $3 total. I measured around my chest and waist and then cut out a large rectangle. Make sure you add about a foot to however long you wanted it to be. You fold down slightly less than a foot and sew a section of elastic that goes around your chest when stretched out slightly. Pin the elastic and sew it to the extra stretch of fabric, then to the ‘top’ of the fabric. This created a sort of bra sewn into the dress. You could easily skip this  extra step.

You then sew the two edges together and the dress is done. Me, being me, I forgot to take a picture of the finished project. I could barely walk in it, taking only baby steps, and couldn’t walk upstairs.

I decided to ignore that for the moment and work on the tentacles. There where several online ideas, the best for my purpose being this youtube video. I decided to do something similar. I took the last yard and a half of black fabric and cut it into 12 strips ( In the movie she only has 6 tentacles, I’m assuming that’s because they counted her arms as  two of them). I made my own pattern with three pieces of paper.  Then I took my dress and cut the sides so that there was a sort of slit, then cut the middle of the dress so that there where 6 parts. My slit was about 8 inches.



I then sewed 6 of the strips to the 6 pieces of dress.img_0302

I then pinned the other 6 strips to the parts of the dress and sewed them together. Flipped back right side out they looked pretty cool.


Pretty good right? I then stuffed the tentacles with some stuffing from a pillow that broke. I used a clothes hanger to stuff it in. that just worked the best to get it to the very tip.img_0312

I tried putting the straightened out hangers in the tentacles to keep them stiff, but it make the dress not fit. I’m not sure why. it made it so I couldn’t walk, and it pinched my legs, even when I sewed the ends and put duck tape over it. In the end I just took the hangers out.

I then sewed the tip of every tentacle to about 1/3 down the dress.


It looks higher in the picture, but about 1/3 down is right.

I then took the same pattern I sued for the tentacles and cut out some purple bubble wrap ($5). Then I hot-glued it to the tentacles.



I got the idea of using bubble wrap when I saw this picture:

Image result for bubble wrap ursula

Then I just ordered  TAG split cake to make my upper body purple, and two cans of white hairspray to make my hair ‘white’ from Walmart for 99 cents each.

I made the earrings and necklace at home as well. I had these crystal earrings that I painted purple to look like her earrings.

The necklace was a little more complicated. I took a sea shell that I had and worked a hole into the top of it by scratching at a weakness in the shell with a needle. I then inserted a piece of wire and glued it in. Then I painted the shell gold and threaded it.

For my makeup I kinda followed this youtube video, but mostly did whatever I thought I should do. I covered my eyebrows with glue like in this video, then painted over it with the face paint. My mom helped me cover my back and arms. I left my hands clean because I could be trick or treating until late and didn’t want paint everywhere. I did insane blue eye shadow and red lips, and a beauty spot of the right side of my face. My mom teased my hair up and used both cans of white hairspray to keep it up.

The total comes up at $21.24. I was willing to pay the extra dollar and 24 cents for this costume.

Hair Spray: $1.98

TAG Paint: $11.29

Black Fabric: $3

Purple Bubble Wrap: $4.97

Let me know if you make one and how it turns out!




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