Air and Space Museum in Dulles, VA

After a long week of unpacking here, we decided that it would be nice to visit a museum, Dad had been to this Museum once before, and had loved it, so he brought us kids with him to see it again.

One of the first planes you see when you come in is the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird. One of my brothers commented that it looked like Padme Amidala’s ship from Star Wars. And he wasn’t wrong.

DSCN1085Image result for padme amidala ship

One of my favorite things there was the paint on the planes.

We got to see Space Shuttle Discovery.


We also got to see the space pod that Alan Shepard went to space in. Hidden Figures kind of revolves around it a little bit. That’s an amazing movie by the way.


We saw more Star wars things.

The Death Star:

dscn1126.jpg           Image result for death star

The Probe thing that that Darth Vader used against Leia.

DSCN1127.JPGImage result for darth vader's mind probe

Even R2-D2!

dscn1124-e1489446313244.jpg      Image result for r2d2

There was a good laugh with this next one!


All in all, pretty cool even though I don’t generaly like planes.




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