Beauty and the Beast Movie Review

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

This was a hard movie to watch. Beauty and the Beast was one of my favorite movies growing up and still is. I almost didn’t want this movie to happen, I was scared it would ruin the classic story I loved. There where definitely some pro’s and con’s with this movie. First, something I noticed, that, when I mentioned it, everyone seemed surprised that I noticed it. I hate the new font for the Movie title, I grew up with the VCR (I know), and the  title font had an interesting twist. With the “Beauty ” part of the title, it was written in cursive, then the “and the Beast” part wasn’t. It may seem odd that I’m so caught up on this little detail, but whenever I thought of “Beauty and the Beast” it was always written in that interesting ‘cursive then not’ font. That was my childhood.

Pro’s first.

Luke Evans was born to play Gaston, everything about that casting was perfect.  His voice really comes through in the song “Gaston”. Especialy  at 2:35, check it out yourself!

Josh Gad was an incredible LeFou. His vocal range was amazing, especially when you consider how different he sounds from his voice actor part as Olaf in Frozen. I also loved how there was the subtle ‘gay hint’.  I think that was a good thing and should become the regular, it shouldn’t be looked down on.

I was amazed with the Animation throughout the entire movie. Truly amazing. It must have been difficult to wear all the equipment and be on stilts, especially during the ball scene.


I love Emma Watson. She was an amazing Hermione, and a really big role model for me. I don’t think she was quite right for this part though. I’m assuming they chose her because she is so well known and because she looks similar to the movie’s Belle. I think that Belle is the sort of person who always has a smile for everyone, and I feel that Emma didn’t smile often, even during the ball scene. Emma also, while definitely having a good voice, didn’t have an amazing voice like the original Belle. The first song “Belle”, was supposed to grab your attention and introduce the story, transporting you to her world. I feel that Emma had trouble holding and hitting many of the notes, and she often fell barely flat. She did have a nice sweetness in her voice, though not the original warmth and maturity of Page O’Hera’s “Belle”, it isn’t bad

I’m having mixed feelings about that dress. While Emma’s is definitely beautiful and more modern, I’ve grown up with the original Belle’s dress and I think I like it more. The deal breaker for me with this dress is the sleeves. While the sleeves actually being on her shoulders surely made it easier to dance, it just wasn’t the off the shoulder classic.

Image result for emma belle dress

Personally I think they would have done better by me if they had gone with this photo shopped masterpiece.

Related image

But that’s just me.

The songs, oh the songs. Besides Gaston, I didn’t really like any of them. The new ones don’t seem to match the stories. They don’t have the same rich aged tone the originals do. The old ones they changed… they changed them. It’s like they took a piece of cheddar cheese that was aging wonderfully, then halfway through aging, tried to change it to swiss cheese. A good thing I can say about the other songs are you can hear the background characters easier. You can especially hear that in “Belle” from 4:44 to 4:55.  Still, even though they don’t quite fit the story, they are still Disney.

I didn’t like the “magic book” the enchantress gave the beast. I understand why they put it in, so that Belle and the Beast could have a moment of bonding over pain, but there was never any mention of it in the original, so I don’t like it, sorry.

Ms Potts. Poor dear Ms. Potts. She looks nothing like the kind, motherly teapot I know and love.

Image result for ms potts 2017

And Chip! What happened to that awesome scene when Chip saves the day? You know, with Maurice’s machine? At least they still had the bubble thing.



All in all, still a good movie, but it will never replace the hold the original has on my heart.



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