Moving to DC

I’m so behind on blogging. Whoops! All well, better late then never! Here is the moving process to DC.


The moving process was kinda complicated. We had two weeks notice that we where for sure going to DC. Two weeks to fully unpack the house and leave. Exept, we couldn’t actually pack anything. We weren’t allowed to pack at all. The government for insurance purposes, needed to pack everything in the 3,400 square foot house.  Mom told us a week before the start date that we needed to start packing.

There are three piles of stuff. On pile is packed into suitcases and will be taken to the airport and taken to DC along with you. The stuff in this pile will be about half the clothes including rain gear, an decorations that you need to feel liek it’s home, any school supplies, light toys, toiletries, all the nail polish perfume liquid soap and other liquids, and anything for pets. The second pile is UAB (unaccompanied air baggage). You will get this within a few weeks. You can not put any liquids (including snow globes) in this or Storage. In UAB there will be kitchen supplies (please put all your kitchen supplies in UAB, the automatic stuff REALLY isn’t good), toys that are needed, Christmas decorations, pillows and comforters, and a map to put on the wall and obsess over. The last pile is Storage. These will go into storage until post.

On the 28th the moving van showed up and the packers began to pack. We had previously set aside an entire room all for DC, and another for UAB. The rest of the house was separated into piles of similar things. All the kitchen stuff in one pile, all the decorations in another, all the pictures in another, ect. Several friends has helped us out with this.

A few tips for working with the movers:

  • Separate everything, ask friends for help when packing.
  • Write down everything that’s in the box.
  • Make sure that they put everything in the piles into the box and not include anything else. They would take a few things from decorations, then walk all the way to the kitchen and grab something from there to put in it.
  • Make sure you throw away your trash, they will pack it up.
  • Put everything in bags, don’t let them pack up your silverware, they will individually wrap each fork in paper.

Seriously, put all the little knickknack things in bags. I had all these glass and plastic animal things in a bowl and they just dumped it in the box.

unnamed (4)

unnamed (6)

After we where all moved out there where still 6 days until the flight to DC, so we spent the time in hotels, saying our last goodbyes to friends and family. For the first 2 nights in the hotel, we were in one room. Two queen sized beds, and a small pull out of the couch bed. Mom and Dad got one bed, two brothers had to share another. I didn’t want to sleep in the same bed as the middle boy (eeew, cooties), so I wanted to kick him out of the pull out bed, but I ended up on the floor, between the window and a bed. Brothers still SOMEHOW managing to kick me when I wasn’t even on the bed, Mom gave up and got another room. Then the older brother and I went upstairs and slept on the queen beds. Everyone was pretty conferrable for the last four days, then everyone panicked and shoved everything in their suitcases and we had to go. There was a brief (okay, not so brief, more like 18 hours) panic, when I couldn’t find my laptop. I searched all my suitcases’s, and mom’s as well. I even looked through the older brothers. I never thought to look in the middle brother’s suitcase. In the panic of last minute packing I apparently shoved my laptop in his suitcase ‘thinking it was mine.’ We did find it though. In DC, we ended up in a two bedroom apartment. Mom and Dad got one bedroom, all the boys were in another room, with two twin sized beds and one boy on the floor, and I was on the couch in the living room. It was SO loud! At least there where different rooms.

Two weeks later we got the three bedroom.

I got the studio. It’s really nice to have my own room that isn’t the living room. UAB arrived, and we unpacked everything. Seriously, put all the knickknacks in bags.


The box was about two feet tall.


So yeah, that was our moving experience.


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