So… Nigeria?

Nigeria was pretty much the only country we didn’t study much. We saw that it had an estimated 20 Million and set it as a low on our wish list. However, since a lot of countries don’t allow pets, we had to bump it up to a medium. Immediately one of our close family friends began to google Lagos, and give mom facts as dad went up and got his flag.

Some interesting facts about Nigeria:

  1. The populations of New York, LA, Chicago, Houston, Philidelphia, and Pheonix combined have about the same population as Lagos Nigeria.
  2.  Lagos is the home to Nollywood.
  3. Lagos has the longest bridge on the continent.The bridge connects Lagos Island to the Mainland and is about 7.3 miles long.
  4. There are 250 Languages spoken in Nigeria.Nigeria is surrounded by countries the mainly speak French.
  5. There are 100,000 people in Lagos that live on a stilt city.
  6.  It is the largest city in Africa.
  7. Many foods there include crayfish stock as an ingredient.
  8. It has some of the worst traffic in the world.
  9. For a long time, once a month on sanitation Saturday everyone had to clean up. No one was allowed to leave their house while some people cleaned up the streets. Apparently, that is no longer a thing. Here is an article about that:
  10. There are 36 states in Nigeria.



Now for some good reasons that we are going there.

  1. They have mostly eradicated guinea worms.
  2. It’s going to be a very busy Consular post and he will learn a lot by being there,
  3. You CAN find things from America there, you will just have to pay a lot.
  4. No snow, summer every day.
  5. If it’s not rainy, it’s sunny.
  6. Even thought the traffic is bad, there is no road rage.
  7. In the green zone, there is a movie theater, a Coldstone, and a mall.
  8. Fabric is supposed to be really cheap there, wich is great for someone like me who loves to sew.
  9. People are willing (and waiting) to help you for a small fee. This woman had her shoe fixed for $2. Her blog is amazing and really insightful.
  10. There are no huge bugs. There are mosquitoes and flies, but there won’t be any hand-sized cockroaches.

Cons for moving to Lagos:

  1. Mosquitoes. I grew up in a dry desert area, so more that three mosquito bites a year seems excessive.
  2. People. So many people!
  3. Weather. For three months straight it’s pretty much just rain. There is literally the rainy season and the dry season.
  4. Humidity. Even though the temperatures are usually in the 80’s, so is the humidity, making the high 80’s feel 90-100.
  5. Far from family. Lagos is kinda hard to get to, and the tickets are pretty expensive.


So those are some things about Lagos. I’ll try to update more often.





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